Wooden Watches | The Perfect Gift for Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day….some love it, some hate it.  I have been on both sides of those feelings.  I don’t need big presents on Valentine’s…just some chocolate, wine and a card.  I mean really, chocolate and wine are the way to my heart any day of the week year-round, but throw in a nice card and then I’m really happy.

Funny story.  So this will be mine and Ben’s 7th Valentine’s to spend together.  For our first we were only dating like 5 months.  I told him that we didn’t need to do anything special.  He sold medical devices then and the nurses at one of the hospitals he sold to knew he had a new girlfriend, and they asked him what he and his new girlfriend were going to do for the special day.  He said “She’s really cool.  She said we don’t really need to do anything.”  While he is at work I went to the Dollar Store and got anything and everything love related.  I took it all to his apartment and decorated his place.  It literally looked like Valentine’s Day had thrown up in his apartment.  I had the hearts and lips EVERYWHERE!!! I am talking EVERYWHERE.  I had balloons all on the floor, little tea lit candles everywhere.  I picked up some steaks to cook and had romantic music playing.  After work he went to work out and when I knew he should be about done working out I called him because I needed to time everything just right.  I didn’t want the tea lit candles to burn completely out before he got home and didn’t want the steaks to be cold etc.  So when I called he said he was just walking out to door to head home.  Perfect, I started getting everything set up.  45 minutes later, I call him again and he said he was talking to this really nice guy that he ran into on the way to his car outside the gym.  FINALLY he gets home.  The apartment is lit with just candles and Valentine’s is EVERYWHERE.  He walks in and barely makes it in the door.  He just stopped, his jaw dropped, and he dropped his bag.  He didn’t have a card or chocolate…..or anything…other than himself.  He felt so bad he couldn’t move.  I immediately knew he thought when I said we don’t need to do anything I really meant we don’t need to do ANYTHING!  All girls know that doesn’t mean ANYTHING.  I just meant we don’t need to go all out and spend a bunch of money….but thought he surely knew that he still needed to get chocolate and a card.  Well, he didn’t know my interpretation of “don’t do anything”.   HAHA And you can’t blame him.  I didn’t mind.  I was excited to make him feel special and to be honest I could tell how bad he felt which made me feel bad for him.  Needless to say, he has NEVER made that mistake again.

This year we will probably just go out to dinner or something.  Just spending an evening focused on each other, no phones or distractions sounds nice to me. I was so happy JORD reached out to me because I KNEW that Ben would LOVE their watches.  They are made out of wood.  And they are GORGEOUS!  Like in a manly way of course.  (They do have womens watches as well….and they are soo pretty).  They have everything from a more casual wooden watch to dressier ones.  You can have them engraved on the back of the face to make it extra personal and special.  I was so impressed with the packaging of the watch.  It comes in a beautiful wood box, with a little drawer in the front and they send you the oil to treat the wood.

JORD watch.  Ben was SOOOOO excited about his watch!  He is In LOVE with it!  And the box is so perfect for him to store it in.  This is the perfect gift for any man!  You can’t go wrong!  Maybe I will get myself one so we can match.  🙂

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JORD is AMAZING and wants to give 1 of you $100 towards a watch of your own!!! Click here to enter! Good Luck!!

Luxury Wooden Watch


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