Oribe Atelier Event in Denver

Happy Monday!  I hope you had an amazing weekend!

If you follow my Insta Stories, then last Monday you saw all my posts from the Oribe Event here in Denver.  It was such a great experience.  I am not a hair stylist ( I have cut Ben’s hair for the past 4-5 years….so that kind of makes me a pro, right?).  I have ALWAYS LOVED watching people get their hair done.  Besides the hair wash/scalp massage, watching stylists is my favorite part about going to the salon.  After going to this event, it makes me appreciate hair stylists even more.  I love the fact that these guys and girls were there to continue learning.  Some of the stylists I spoke with have been doing hair for over 20 years, but still felt that there were areas they could improve – Love that!

Oribe hosted such a beautiful event.  It may have only been mid-morning, but it was dark and sexy when I walked into the room.  They offered mimosas, and anybody that hands me a free mimosa is a good one in my books.  The show started a little after 11 AM with Oribe‘s Global Brand Ambassador, James Pecis, recreating a look he did for Vogue.  It was all about the “S Curl” and sewing.  Who knew people sewed hair?  They weren’t sewing in a weave, they were sewing in the place of bobby pins.  Pretty cool!  After James Pecis recreated his Vogue style, a couple of other educators came out to create a more every day version, using the “S Curl” and sewing.

Next, Kien Hoang demonstrated how to crochet with weave.  Something else I did not know, people crochet more than blankets and scarves….they crochet hair!  After we learned all about crocheting, Coby Alcantar came out to talk about cutting.  Can I just say, she is pretty dope?!  She has a super edgy look and owns a salon in Brooklyn called Little Axe.  I’m a fan.  Coby and her assistant each cut similar styles, one on a guy and the other a girl.  Super edgy.  I think they said the style was a newer version of the Chelsea.

The show was so fun to watch!  Afterwards, stylists were able to practice what they had just seen.  They were tasked to recreate one of the looks they observed on a model while the educators helped them perfect it.  It was really cool to see how hands on the educators were.

One of the perks of going to this event (besides the mimosa and watching stylists do their thing) was  free product!  I have a TON of hair, so it is always fun trying new product and seeing what works best for me.  Not only is Oribe a hair care brand, they also do body scrubs, nail polish, and lipstick.  And their packaging is….<insert emoji with heart eyes here>.  Seriously, my lipstick is the prettiest lipstick case I have ever seen!


As you already know, I am obsessed with their lipstick packaging, better known as Oribe Lip Lust!  But more than that, the lipstick provides coverage, is super light weight and extremely moisturizing.  Two of the main ingredients are  White Lily and Myrrh which are going to moisturize and protect your lips as well as add a little plump, because who doesn’t like a little added help. 🙂  I got this lipstick in The Nude.  You can shop it below.


You can use this as a dry shampoo or to add volume to your roots.  It is also great to add to your hair before styling because it adds some grip,  making it easier to style and hold.  The awesome thing I love about Swept Up is that it is invisible.  So if you have already gotten dressed and then realize you need to add some, it’s not going to get all over your clothes!  This actually happened to me the other day.  I was using a different brand and was already dressed, but decided to add some dry shampoo to my roots.  I looked like I just played in baby powder.  Not what I was going for.  You can shop Swept Up below.


I have naturally curly hair, so this product is a God-send.  It protects against heat and humidity.  I now live in Colorado so i’m not in near as much humidity as I was when I lived in Alabama, but when you have big, thick, curly hair you still need some help!  Anything that will help smooth it out, keep it from getting bigger, and make it soft is a keeper! It also helps strengthen your hair and seal split-ends.


Oribe’s nail polish is just as pretty as their lipstick.  The bottle is stunning!  It is an ultra long-wear polish with high shine that is chip resistant and fade-proof!

Needless to say, I am an Oribe fan.  I have been using their dry shampoo for a while, but super excited to add these new products into my regimen!  Have you tried Oribe products?  If so, which ones, and how did you like it?

As always, thank you SO much for stopping by CASE OF THE FRIDAYS.  You are amazing! <3